Tour Collaboration with Creative Arts Safaris

Travel Sketching on the road to Rajasthan

I have had the good fortune to travel with Fiona and Praveen from Creative Arts Safaris three times now on the most amazing textile tours. I was so inspired I couldn’t stop drawing, and recently whilst wandering around Vietnam together we hatched the plan to run a trip based around a Sketching Travel Journal.

And so, our collaboration was born, CAS will look after you, and I will inspire and teach you.

We want to give you a taste of Rajasthan – mighty forts, picturesque villages, artisans workshops and elephants and help you create a Travel Journal and Sketching skills to record it all. Lots to see, whilst being careful to give you time to soak it up and sit and develop your skills.

The partnership that is Creative Arts Safaris grew out of the creative interests of Fiona Wright and the professional experience of Kanhaya Lal [Praveen Nayak to his mates].
Their travel agency is built on Praveen’s 20 years of experience in the business. Their Indian Adventure Tours and Travel opened in New Delhi in 2004 and Creative Arts Safaris followed soon after.

Fiona and Praveen share a farm house near Pushkar, India from where they run The Stitching Project  – a textile production project to create beautiful textile products and as much Fair Paid Local work as they can, their excuse to run away is to lead a Creative Arts Safari these days!

Dates: 21 Nov until 4 December 2020

Group size 8 to 12 people.

I’m excited to say that booking is now open!

Please contact Fiona at CAS to be kept in the loop!