Booking Open – Sketching on the road to Rajasthan!

Sketching Tour Collaboration with Creative Arts Safaris

I have had the good fortune to travel with Fiona and Praveen from Creative Arts Safaris three times now on the most amazing textile tours. I was so inspired I couldn’t stop drawing, and recently whilst wandering around Vietnam together we hatched the plan to run a trip based around a Sketching Travel Journal.

And so, our collaboration was born, CAS will look after you, and I will inspire and teach you.

We want to give you a taste of Rajasthan – mighty forts, picturesque villages, artisans workshops and elephants and help you create a Travel Journal and Sketching skills to record it all. Lots to see, whilst being careful to give you time to soak it up and sit and develop your skills.

I’m excited to say that booking is now open!

The partnership that is Creative Arts Safaris grew out of the creative interests of Fiona Wright and the professional experience of Kanhaya Lal [Praveen Nayak to his mates].
Their travel agency is built on Praveen’s 20 years of experience in the business. Their Indian Adventure Tours and Travel opened in New Delhi in 2004 and Creative Arts Safaris followed soon after.

Fiona and Praveen share a farm house near Pushkar, India from where they run The Stitching Project  – a textile production project to create beautiful textile products and as much Fair Paid Local work as they can, their excuse to run away is to lead a Creative Arts Safari these days!

Tour dates: 21 November until 4 December 2020

Group size 8 to 12 people.


New Art Journaling and Drawing Workshops coming up!

Sharing my love of drawing and using drawing to observe and reflect, and encouraging others to do so too are activities that are very important to me. I love running workshops and connecting with people though a shared interest.

My workshop programme for 2020 starts in March and I’m really looking forward to running two new workshops at Pound Arts in Corsham, which are….

Drawing Spring Plants and Flowers

Saturday 7th March,  10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.  £50 

In this workshop we will explore and capture the form, colour, textures and shapes of spring plants and flowers using a range of pens, pencils and materials in this fun and experimental workshop.

Throughout 2018 I made drawings from nature almost every day of the year and we will be exploring some of the techniques I used in these drawings in the workshop.

Find out more and book here!

Further Adventures in Art Journaling

Mondays 9, 16, 23, 30 March, 6.30 – 8.00 p.m.   £60 for 4 weeks

Kick start or boost your creative habit with a new series of Art Journaling workshops. Develop your drawing skills and explore new ways to capture your daily life in your journals.

Find out more and book here!

Starting an art journal (or drawing diary) really can get a creative habit going. I’m now in my 4th year of keeping one – check out 2016, 2017, 2018 and now 2020 along with sketchbook pages from 2019 including my travels in Vietnam!

If you have any questions about either of these workshops, do drop me a line here

Feedback and a few images from workshop participants….

‘Really enjoyable sessions. I like the warm-up activities and flow of the course content. I never thought I could draw so that has been an amazing experience. Very good, careful, slow explanations of things. Lots of ideas to follow up. Lots of encouragement. Thank you.’

‘fantastic, encouraging support. Very inspiring!’

Even though I was anxious about the drawing I have really liked this and hope to develop this – just wish we had more weeks!’ 

‘Lots of really interesting activities  – I would like to do some more. I have so much more confidence and will take it further…..!!’


‘Incredibly inspiring course covering a huge range of ideas and activities. Thank you.’

It encouraged me to start a sketchbook’ 





New Year – New Drawing Diary!

I’m really happy to be getting my Drawing Diary underway again for 2020!

Since 2016, when I bought my first little A6 diary to draw in each day, I’ve found it a really useful tool and activity in all sorts of ways. It is habit forming and provides me with a few moments to reflect on each day and think about what I want to include in my diary, and then to take (or make) the time to draw!

I keep it with me and draw in the moment when I can. Other times I take photos and work from those later in the day. Knowing that I’m going to fill each day’s entry with a drawing keeps me alert. When I see, hear or feel something that I have a response to, which could be anything  – a view, activity, news item, interaction, journey, conversation, a thought, emotion – I know that I want to capture it in my diary.

Looking back on the diaries I remember everything about the moment that’s been captured and I’m sure I wouldn’t remember so many small but somehow significant moments if I hadn’t drawn them. The act of drawing is so absorbing and relaxing and I know it’s good for my mental and emotional wellbeing.



One of the best opportunities to keep a Drawing Diary or Travel Journal is on holiday. There are pages in my 2017 diary of wonderful times in West Bengal with Creative Arts Safaris. Looking at this page below, I am right back in the moment.

No working at the kitchen table during week 6!

My Drawing Diaries have led to a creative collaboration with Fiona and Praveen from Creative Arts Safaris to run a Travel Sketching tour of Rajasthan later this year! I am so excited about this and you can find out more about the tour here. Obviously it’s worth taking a whole sketch book on holiday and in my sketchbook pages you can see drawings from an amazing holiday I had in Vietnam with them last year. It was a textile tour taken with my mum and lovely friends from the Andover Embroiderers’ Guild. 

Travel Sketching in Vietnam

I started a Drawing Diary in 2019 deciding to focus on capturing moments at work, but this wasn’t practical and was probably too prescriptive. I didn’t manage to maintain it and not having it as anchor to the day was noticeable.

So these are the first few pages and weeks of this year’s Drawing Diary and here are links to my diaries of 2017 and 2018. You will see that I went in a different direction in 2018, drawing from nature, a plant, tree or flower, every day (almost) for the entire year. That’s how much of a drawing habit, not to mention need(!) had formed by then! Here’s a page from two years ago…

Jan 15 and 16 2018